Monday, July 13, 2015

Tiki Tiki; Shinjuku, Tokyo

When I created this blog, I knew there would be a Tiki Tiki post at some point.  Here it is.  Tiki Tiki meets every coolness requirement for me.  What is Tiki Tiki?  Tiki Tiki is a throwback to a better time, a time before the sports bar and a time where Tiki was the height of pre-Disneyesque theming grandeur.  We can thank two groups for the Tiki age of the 1950's-mid-1980's.  The first is returning veterans from the Pacific War who longed for the beaches and torches of where they were stationed.  The second is Chinese restaurateurs who added pineapple to Cantonese dishes and renamed them Polynesian names like Crab Rangoons and the Pu Pu Platter.

I ordered the Tiki Tiki, an excellent rum-based concoction
Upon entering Tiki Tiki, you leave urban Tokyo  by crossing a bridge flanked by a large Tiki and a smiling alligator (I guess they incorporated Splash Mountain into Tiki Tiki).

The other side of the bridge beckons you to enter this mysterious paradise.
Our alligator friend.

Everywhere from the tables to the ceilings to the rest rooms is swimming with Tiki theming.

Tikis on the wall. Basket seats.

Stone facades in the middle of Tokyo!

More Tikis!
Every hour Japanese Polynesian dancers perform and pull blokes unlucky enough to make eye contact with the eye candy from their seats to join the dance.

Hot dancers! Woo hoo!!!
The drinks are delicious here, well mixed to hide the rum and in the mandatory Tiki mugs.

Can't remember the name of this one.  She was non-alchoolic (wifey doesn't drink).
The Tiki Tiki!!!

The food comes in rather small portions, meant more to compliment the impressive drink menu than to fill your stomach.  Everything tasted really good though.

Spam Musubi.

Fried Ahi Tuna.

Tropical Cobb Salad.
Tropical Paella.
Just writing this blog makes me want to immediately go back!  I'll be heading to Disney World in a few weeks so I'll have the chance to compare Tiki Tiki with the Polynesian Resort's Trader Sam's.  Expect a future write up of Trader Sam's. 

Come back!!!
As to Tiki Tiki, please go.  For a fun evening in Tokyo, head out to Tiki Tiki.  I give it 6 Tiki Torches our of 5 Tiki Torches for excellent theming, great drinks and yummy food.  Thanks for the read.