Monday, August 17, 2015

Transformers Seacons; Various Stores Throughout Tokyo

Just a quick post here.  Was at the local Aeon department store and happened to stroll by the candy/small toy section.  Lookie what I found. 

A miniature version of my favorite transformer of all time, Snap Trap!!!  I guess he's called Turtler here.  Snap Trap is the leader of the Seacons, 6 sea-themed Transformers (Decepticons) that combine to form Piranacon.  I got him in the late 1980's and being a huge turtle fan, Snap Trap was my favorite.  Sadly, I think my mom recently disposed of him while preparing the house for the market.  My older cousin didn't even remember the Seacons!  I guess that makes him a fake Transformers fan.

All hail Piranacon!

3 Seacons

3 more Seacons
In any event, Japanese candy stores/departments are now carrying miniature versions of the Seacons now.  From plenty of experience with toys here, I believe that candy sections at supermarkets would be the best place to find the Seacons.  At only 300 yen (about 3 bucks) apiece, the great Piranacon can be yours for under 20 bucks (albeit a miniature version).  Try finding him for that price on eBay! 

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