Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jackpot!!! Baymax escapes from the UFO Catcher!

Well if any of you have been to Japan, you'll know the popularity of UFO Catchers a.k.a claw machines.  I believe UFO Catchers got their name from Toy Story and the little green aliens scooped up from Pizza Planet.  UFO Catchers are everywhere here-  every shopping mall has a game center stocked with these guys.  Unlike their American claw machine brethren, these UFO Catchers generally have two-pronged claws (although some, like the one below have three).  The price to play these guys is generally 100 (a buck) yen for smaller prizes and 200 (2 bucks) yen for larger prizes with discounts like 6 tries for 500 yen for smaller prizes or 3 tries for 500 yen for larger prizes.  To win, it is generally much easier to push things over the edge than actually picking them up.  I've seen limp shaky claws a plenty in my lifetime. 

Interestingly (and dangerously) enough, there is a UFO Catcher right on the ground level of the building that houses my gym, which inevitably leads to some UFO Catching action on my part.   Here it is:

Damn they are cute... 
Yep, proud winner of a Baymax...

So you are probably wondering how many attempts it took me to get him... I'm going to stay mum on that.  I will tell you though it was less than the 1200 yen (12 bucks) or so that it would take to get him from a toy store.   That's it for now.  Talk later!


Guess what?

Won't tell you how much it took for this one either.

Have a good weekend!

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